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Tax representative since more than 30 years

Your privileged partner for companies as well as private persons to handle all their international reportings and tax obligations.

Tax representative

Operating consultancy in VAT matters

All answers to your questions on international VAT matters

Business managers, as well as their administrative and accounting teams, are coming across questions without always having the accurate answer : how to process international VAT operations ? Which are the fiscal obligations ? Is the invoiced VAT deductible ?...

How to find the appropriate answer ?
Refund of foreign VAT

Refund of foreign VAT

5 billion euros of deductible VAT remain unrecovered in Europe each year

As part of your international activities, your company may have to pay foreign VAT : - travelling and entertainment expenses, participation fees for events, real estate acquisitions in foreign countries…

How and when to reclaim this VAT ?

Tax representation in VAT matters

Your international activities are leading to a VAT registration in another country

Tax representation in VAT matters

Companies having international activities may have to face foreign fiscal obligations in VAT matters : obligation to be VAT registered abroad, invoicing with foreign VAT, fiscal obligations abroad…

How to implement your obligations ?

Tax representation in capital gain tax matters

Real estate sold in France by a non resident.

Property tax representative

Evaluate online your real estate gain and the corresponding tax through the dedicated tool easpvi.

Each non resident from outside EU (private person or corporation) selling real estate in France is in the obligation to appoint a tax agent in France, in order to establish the capital gain tax declaration form.

Why appoint an approved agent ?
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3rd "Strategic TAX & VAT Compliance" conference - 13th-14th September,  Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark Hotel  (NL)
BREXIT & VAT consequences ! - All the keys to answer the VAT issues with experts from TEVEA and ESSENTIA Global Services.

Capital Gain Tax on Real Estate - Social contributions as of 2016, January 1st
What's new ? - VAT rules applicable to e-commerce from 2015 January 1st
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