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Tax Representative in France

Choose your tax representative in France: real financial stakes for companies

Hiring a tax representative in France is compulsory for all non-resident EU companies carrying out a taxable transaction. It is also recommended to use a tax representative even for European companies insofar as VAT rules for international operations are relatively complex. It is essential to choose it well in order to benefit from quality support and thus optimize your tax procedures.

Request for refund of VAT via a tax representative in France

One of the main tasks entrusted to a tax representative is to complete the applications for VAT refunds on the expenditure concerned by this scheme. It should not be forgotten that VAT represents a heavy expense for businesses and directly impacts their budget to a greater or lesser extent. It should be noted that the rate of VAT differs from one country to another - even from one sector to another - and can range from 5 to 27%. Moreover, not all applications for repayment are necessarily successful because the company's file must meet certain criteria and satisfy certain conditions before it can benefit from a potential refund of VAT.

As the VAT refund rules differ from country to country, the tax representative will aim to mount a complete file in order to ensure an effective refund. In particular, it ensures that all necessary supporting documents are added to the file to maximize the demand for reimbursement. In addition, it ensures compliance with the administrative procedures of each country. Lastly, repayment can range from 3 months to more than one year, hence the importance of being assisted by an expert to obtain the fastest time and avoid any cash problem.

TEVEA International, your tax representative in France for more than 30 years

Since its creation in 1984, TEVEA International has been able to develop tailor-made offers tailored to the needs of each company. Beyond the operational advice and the compliance of the processing of VAT within a company, we are able to fully represent our clients in all VAT-related procedures, notably regarding refund procedures and follow-up administrative.

As a member of the International VAT Association (IVA) and certified by OPQCM, TEVEA International is supported by a team of lawyers-tax specialists specialized in European VAT and multilingual consultants to provide top-quality services level. TEVEA International has gained the confidence of large multinationals from various sectors such as transport, luxury, the electronics industry and the media.


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