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Cross-border VAT advice

Sale of goods or services abroad, what about VAT?

Transactions within the EU are governed in particular by the Sixth European VAT Directive. However, a company wishing to sell goods and services abroad must be aware of the specific regulations of each country concerned. The advice of a specialist in cross-border VAT is therefore necessary.

The principle of cross-border VAT

If the company directly sells goods or services to consumers in an EU Member State, it generally has to register and invoice VAT at the rate applicable at the place of destination of the asset or service provider. It should be noted, however, that certain intra-Community transactions are subject to specific rules.

If the goods are sold to another company located in another EU country, invoicing will be without VAT if this customer has a valid VAT identification number, under the reverse charge mechanism charge). There will be a reversal of the person liable for VAT.

For transactions with customers outside the EU, VAT may not be charged. A company that purchases goods from a supplier located in a non-EU Member State can pay the tax that applies to it and deduct it in its next tax return. Cross-border VAT thus differs in application according to the different operations carried out but also according to the co-contracting countries.

Operational advice on cross-border VAT

TEVEA International meets your expectations regarding all cross-border VAT transactions.

Specialists in operational consultancy in the field of VAT, we offer personalized support through recommendations. Indeed, our mission is to help you to rationalize the foreign VAT issue. Our team of multilingual consultants is able to answer all your VAT-related questions, even the most complex ones, perfectly mastering the rules specific to each EU member country.

We offer intra and inter-company training modules on VAT and customs issues. You can choose from the modules available (VAT in international trade of goods, VAT and special international operations, territoriality of services, declarative obligations) or choose tailor-made training.


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