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Operating consultancy in VAT matters

The team of TEVEA International can answer all your questions about VAT, even the most complicated. Our multilingual consultants have a perfect knowledge about the specific regulations in each EU country.

Our services

Consultancy : A customised and operating support

In order to optimise and rationalise foreign VAT problematics, and in compliance with your fiscal obligations, TEVEA International offers audit and assistance to companies and in particular to their accountancy. You will receive additional guidance, know-how and methodology.

A different point of view about a complicated tax situation, additional information provided to your experts and advisors, provide recommendations and simple and efficient improvements in respect to your obligations, ensure you their operational deployment, here are some of our involvements for each of our specific consulting assignments.

Examples of assistance

« Compliance Audit » : complete review about clients and suppliers process allowing to answer the following :

  • Mapping of service flow

  • VAT ID treatment concerning services supplied and purchased

  • Analysis of main impacts concerning the information system

  • Analysis about risk factors

  • First suggestions concerning the organisation

Tax liability authentication of companies : each supplier/provider is in the obligation to ensure that his client is tax liable by checking the VAT ID n°. None compliance can result in potential tax risk !

  • EU Client : Checking the validity of the VAT ID N° and compliance with the name and address of the client

  • Non EU Client : Research of tax liability according to criteria of the relevant Tax Authorities

Online assistance: immediate access to our experts

TEVEA International offers different online assistance packs to answer all your questions in Vat matters you encounter within your international activities. Thus you have the benefit of more information, services and interactivity.

How to subscribe?

  • Please contact us to subscribe sending us an e-mail to this address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or calling us at +33 1 42 24 96 96
  • You will receive your subscriver's number, a specific e-mail address and a dedicated freephone to submit all your questions.

Our goal, answering within 24 hours following your request according to 3 categories:

  • Q1 – 50 points : up to 30 min input by our professionals
  • Q2 – 200 points : up to 2 hours input by our professionals
  • Q3 – 400 points : up to 4 hours input by our professionals

Examples of questions in VAT matters companies with international activities might encounter

  • « How to process international VAT operations? »

  • « Which are the fiscal obligations? »

  • « Is the invoiced VAT deductible? »

  • « Has the VAT been unduly charged? »

  • « Which VAT rules apply to invoices received or issued? »

  • « Does the reverse charge apply to operations with foreign suppliers? »

  • « Which are my obligations in matters of ESD: when, which operations to include…? »

Trainings : VAT and Customs units adjusted to your organisation

TEVEA International offers intra or business to business training units, customised upon request, based on VAT and customs problematic.

Territoriality of services supplied

Aims :

Resulting of the European instructions, the « VAT package 2010 » has substantially revised the community rules in matter of territoriality of services provided. 

  • Explain the new rules as applied by EU companies in economic relations between other companies inside the EU or with companies from outside the EU

  • Focus on specific conditions in matter of events (tradeshows, exhibitions, congresses…)

Who is concerned by this training ?

You are :

  • organisers of commercial and professionnal events (tradeshows, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, seminars, symposiums, sports tournaments, concerts, etc.),
  • international carriers,
  • legal advisers, tax or accounts managers,
  • Part of the processing team

This training is concerning you ! Download the training brochure by clicking here.

Praticals declarative obligations

Aims :

A practical and interactive workshop in order to master the declaration obligations resulting of international operations and avoiding tax penalties resulting of missing or incorrect declarations.

  • Analyse international operations and detect the obligations of declaration

  • Establish DEB, ESD and correspondence relating to particular and /or complicated operations accurately and on time on CA 3

Who is concerned by this training ?

You are :

  • A legal adviser, tax or accounts manager

  • Collaborator of the processing team

This training is concerning you ! Download the training brochure by clicking here.

VAT in International trade

Aims :

Master the applicable VAT rules relating to internationaltradeof goods.

  • Manage and deal with the corresponding declarative obligations (DEB, CA3, DAU)

  • Cover the risks related to intra-communitytradein goods

  • Neutralise the import VAT of certain purchase – resale operations

Who is concerned by this training ?

You are :

  • Legal advisers

  • Financial managers

  • Collaborators of tax and accounting services

  • Collaborators of import/export department, sales/purchase administration

  • Logistics managers

This training is concerning you ! Download the training brochure by clicking here.

VAT and particular international operations


This training comes in addition to the VAT treatment of internationaltradeof goods training. Certain international operations specified as peculiar require indeed specific processing.

  • Make the point on different VAT rules relating to certain international operations specified as peculiar

  • Raise the awareness of all participants about any new situation in VAT matters due to globalisation oftradeand the diversity of actors in the chain of supply, production and deliveries

Who is concerned by this training ?

You are :

  • Legal advisors

  • Tax and accounting managers

  • Collaborators of tax and accounting services

  • Collaborators of import/export department, international purchase/sales administration

This training is concerning you ! Download the training brochure by clicking here.


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