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Tax representation in VAT matters

You are in the obligation to register for VAT in an EU country ?

TEVEA International can handle everything on your behalf and offers tax representation solutions customised to your statutory restrictions and duties.

You are looking for an agent or tax representative, we can assist you.

Registration :

  • Analysis of your fiscal situation (VAT) with respect to your commercial outline

  • Application for VAT registration with the Tax Authorities

  • Supply about invoicing regulation and presentation of documents

  • Steps and costs for closing a file

VAT declaration (monthly or quaterly) for each country :

  • Collecting the necessary documents for declarations

  • Compliance control of the documents (purchase and sales invoices)

  • Handling and submitting of VAT declarations

  • Information about the VAT amounts to be paid to the Tax Authorities

  • Correspondance with the Tax Authorities

Statistics declarations (INTRASTAT) :

  • Collecting the necessary documents for declarations

  • Establishing and submitting of statistical declarations for import

  • Establishing and submitting of statistical declarations for shipping

  • Correspondance with the Customs Administration


Typical example requiring a VAT registration in a European country

  • Supply of goods or services to non VAT liable clients

  • Distance selling (ex: mail order selling, e-commerce)

  • Services (exception to the general rule) materially provided in a EU member country to a company with no connection to the place of supply

  • Services provided to a foreign company connected to a building within a European country

  • Intra-Community deliveries (acquisitions) from (to) a European by a foreign company

  • Particular imports or exports

Welcome to the new IVA Board - Under the chairmanship of Stephen Dale, (HEDEOS Law firm), the 10 new members of the Board of the IVA (International VAT Association) were elected for 3 years. Cyrille Konter Deputy CEO of TEVEA International retains his mandate.
BREXIT & VAT consequences ! - All the keys to answer the VAT issues with experts from TEVEA and ESSENTIA Global Services.

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What's new ? - VAT rules applicable to e-commerce from 2015 January 1st
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