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Capital gain realised on real estate or equivalent by private persons or corporations, non resident in France, is according to article 244bis A of the CGI, taxable in France.

This tax is paid under the responsibility of an approved French tax representative, appointed by the seller, each time he's a resident from a non EU country, excluded Norway and Island (ie : Swizerland, Monaco, Russia, USA, Liechtenstein, British Virgin Islands, Andorra, Marocco, United Arab Emirates, ...)

Our service as Property tax agent:

  • Calculate the tax amount including all possible deductions according to the law

  • Complete form n°2048-IMM stating the capital gain tax

  • Commitment towards the Administration of full payment of the tax

  • Minimise the risk of re-qualification by the Tax Authorities

  • During the 3 years of commitment respond to all requests of the Tax Authorities and support, if any, the payment of increase and penalties


The tax system of the seller is depending on the following :

  • his status: private person or corporation (partnership or capital company) 

  • the period of ownership

All these are impacting the tax rate as well as the calculation method of the capital gain

Essentials to identify and to determine :

  • The sales price : the price of the deed adjusted with certain factors (transfer charges, tax representation costs, lifting charges,…)

  • The purchase price, adjusted with acquisition costs and eventual construction expenses

  • The period of ownership

To be provided by the seller :

      • Name and address of the notary editing the deed

      • Appointment established by TEVEA and signed by the seller stipulating the conditions and terms of intervention

      • Copy of the bill of sales or sales agreement

      • Ownership title of the seller

      • Invoices and proof of payment relating to the works performed

      • Fee note of the agency if supported by the seller

      • Private person

        • Copy of proof of identity
        • Tax domicile certificate
      • Corporate

        • Up-to-date by-laws
        • Registration of trade
        • Tax domiciliation certificate of associates

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