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Refund of foreign VAT

Documents to be sent (needed to reclaim French VAT)

Your original invoices

which must show your company's name and address.

Copies of your payments

For the invoices with a significant VAT amount, you should staple a copy of your payment: cheque, credit card, Amex, bank transfer, debit note.

Information regarding your company

Your bank details enable us to make a payment directly to your bank account, as soon as we receive the VAT refund from the tax authorities.
(This document must be printed out and filled in. You can fax us the document).

Original appointment form

Please complete each line of this document, sign it and return the original to us.
An original appointment form authorising us to be your tax representative is needed for us to be able to undertake your request for a refund.

Original vat certificate obtained from your local tax office

(only for companies established in the european union)

Check that your EU VAT registration number is shown on your certificate.
For the tax authorities to refund the VAT, they need to have an original document from your tax office certifying that you have paid the VAT in the country to which you belong.

Evidence of your company’s registration

(only for companies not established in the european union)

For the tax authorities to refund the VAT, they need evidence of your company’s existence (copy of tax certificate, certificate of registration, certificate of incorporation, copy of by laws).


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